Why Trust Us?

What Is a Marketing Engineer?

Marketing Engineers are highly-trained digital marketing experts. They are curious, creative, and constantly creating ads and systems that improve the lives of business owners and managers. Our Marketing Engineers are certified in Google ads, Youtube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, SEO, website development, and digital automation.


Why Did We Start Our Company?

We opened our doors with a very limited marketing budget. Using paid advertising on social media, we targeted other business owners, and started a powerful networking and referral group.

We found that many businesses were using
“marketing guys”. A guy for web design. A guy for Facebook. A guy for Google. Systems were segmented, and when something went wrong, their guys were nowhere to be found.

We made it our mission to bring order to digital advertising by consolidating systems and always being there to help our clients drive measurable results. 

Where Is Our Company Going?

Our vision is to directly improve the bottom line of every business in the world. Our brand focuses on recruiting the best Marketing Engineers to provide our clients the best results and service. We continually keep our Engineers on standby, as we make it a point to always be available for our clients. Propaganda was founded on honor, passion, and a desire to do one thing better than any other company: high quality, results-oriented  digital advertising.

Start Engineering Your Online Brand Today!

We just need some basic information so we can help you best. We will show you areas where your brand is vulnerable online and provide you solutions to protect your brand through the digital age.